Day 3: Doodles

Geometric Doodle

Yellow green and blue doodle



Today I made a few doodles in colored pencil and sharpie. To create the designs, I made a stencil from a flower-shaped notepad I got for Christmas from my boyfriend’s niece.

Note that I’m still struggling with photographing the things I make. It’s really tricky to photograph drawings since lots of shadow and detail show up that you don’t necessarily want. Perhaps I need to break down and buy a scanner.  Unless anyone has any advice?


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Doodles

  1. I’ve done fabric photography for a store before and found that you need at least a couple of lights that you can shine directly on your piece from different directions–if you get a couple at the hardware store, try different things until you find a set up that gets rid of the shadows. I wouldn’t worry too much though, your pictures are nearly there!

  2. I think that your pictures give it a nice homey touch, personally. When I see people with highly professional photos it makes me wonder if it was actually them or something they pulled off the web. I also think that it’s really cool that you could make such a nifty design with a simple household object. I myself like to find random projects to do with the things at my disposal. my blog is if you care to check it out. Thank you for sharing =)

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