Day 5: Circles

Circle Doodle

Circle Doodle

Tonight was a stressful evening. First off, I had forgotten to charge my camera battery last night so I kept having to recharge it while I was trying to take pictures. Second, I swear I couldn’t take any decent photographs of what I made. Everything was coming out so dark!

Anyways, my sister asked me to describe how I make stuff just in case she likes my creations enough to copy them. With that in mind, I made my Circles piece tonight by tracing a circular item I found around the house 9 different times onto my paper in pencil. Then I used watercolor to paint in the circles. Finally, I finished up by using a  black sharpie to create circles of lots of different sizes over the larger watercolor circle. And that’s it!


One thought on “Day 5: Circles

  1. Love what you did here…my Memere always use to tell me…” Out of all the bad; Good comes”, she has always been right! Even though your night was stressful and things didn’t go right, look at what you created! Keep up the good work! : )

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