Day 7: Humboldt Park

Man at Playground

Squireel in a Tree

Swings with Shadows

Ropes at Playground

Pigeons on Building

Grafiti of Chickens on Yellow Volkswagon Beatle

Builidng with Doors But No Stairs

Winter Tree with Sun Behind It

The weather was glorious today so Jim and I walked from my apartment in Logan Square down to the delicious restaurant Feed. It’s about a mile’s walk and along the way is the giant and beautiful Humboldt Park. As we walked, I took lots pictures of barren winter trees, decaying buildings, fat pigeons, inquisitive squirrels, and our own romp on the jungle gym.


4 thoughts on “Day 7: Humboldt Park

    • I have a Canon Powershot G7. It’s a point and shoot and it’s okay, but I’m going to be upgrading soon to a DSLR and will probably get a detachable flash. I also need a tripod. I’m hoping this will help with indoor/evening photography, which I still find pretty difficult.

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