Day 8: Pork Shoulder Roast

Pork shoulder roast with roasted red and green peppers

Pork shoulder roast with salt and sugar rub

Pork shoulder roast in the oven

Roast and Peppers

For day 8 of the Making Made project, I made a pork shoulder roast from a recipe by Working Class Foodies that I was dying to try. I invited my friends Mike and Christina over and had a lovely dinner with them, my roommate, and my boyfriend Jim. The roast required 12 hours of marinating and cooking, but it was very easy to prepare and turned out amazing, with a salty sweet crust on the outside and tender pieces of  fall-apart meat on the inside.

Despite being a Korean recipe, we ate it with pitas, hummus, rice, roasted red and green peppers, and a salad. Jim also made the scallion ginger sauce and the jalapeño garlic that Working Class Foodies recommend and they complemented the middle-eastern flavors nicely. A successful Korean-Middle Eastern fusion dinner!

The photos above show (1) the finished pork roast and the roasted peppers, (2) the roast with the sugar-salt rub on it, (3) the roast in the oven after about 3 hours of cooking, (4) and the roast messily carved up on the table just before we ate.


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