Day 29: Vintage Fashion

Women in vintage green dress

Probably because I’m excited about selling at the upcoming Vintage Bazaar in Chicago, tonight I drew a woman in a green vintage-style dress. I used the book How to Draw Vintage Fashions (currently for sale in my Etsy shop, Rainy Penguin Vintage) to help me with the weird body proportions (apparently a standard in fashion drawing back in the day). I also used it to get inspiration for the dress, although it is mostly my creation.

Note: I spent .2 seconds on her hands so they look like monster claws. Oh well.

One thought on “Day 29: Vintage Fashion

  1. Nice classic design and I love the colour, don’t worry about the hands since it’s a fashion design lol and almost anything goes. The body post is also accurate as I have a number of vintage patterns with poses like that on the covers. It’s actually perfect for a site I submit designs on for their design competition, since they have a focus on vintage inspired clothing. If you’re interested check out my blog, I won’t post the details here as I don’t want to sound spammy.

    Best of luck at the bazaar – I need to get round to some of those, haven’t been in ages!

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