Day 38: Texture

Fire Hydrant Closeup

Orange Crate Closeup

Yellow Texture

Green Texture

Stained Glass Closeup


A few weeks ago, I focused on taking pictures of Chicago on a large scale, so today I decided to focus on the details and textures of the Loop. I took inspiration for these photos from the beautiful and tactile photography from Sarah Takes Pictures. Although her photos are much more organic in nature than the photos I took today, they helped me think about the beauty that can be seen when looking at an object close-up.



11 thoughts on “Day 38: Texture

  1. Just seeing the thumbnails of these in this post’s preview was so enticing. What beautiful, vivid colors and details you’ve captured — I love this set! And was pleased as punch for the shout out, thank you so much! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sarah! It’s kind of random that I ended up presenting this post as a rainbow. I started out with a yellow picture and then happened to take the red and green photos. Then the idea of a rainbow popped into my head, which was great, until I couldn’t find a single purple thing in the entire downtown area. It was weird 🙂

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