Day 46: Squirrel

Squirrel Drawing

I can’t believe I drew a squirrel tonight. See, this summer, my roommate and I grew these beautiful sunflowers in our garden, and one day we found several of them destroyed. Over the next few weeks, all of them were knocked in half and eaten. At first, we weren’t sure what kind of creature would so such a thing, but one morning, I caught a squirrel jumping onto one of our lovely plants. I was so pissed. While still wearing my bath robe, I chased the squirrel around the garden screaming at it and threatening to hit it with a broom. I scared it away for the time being, but it came back later in the week and finished off the sunflowers. It was pretty sad and definitely made me wonder whether squirrels are actually evil beings in cute disguises. Something to think about…


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