Day 49: Paper Cranes

Red Paper Crane

Paper Cranes

A few weeks ago, I picked up an origami kit at the thrift store that consists of some wonderful paper and a much less wonderful book about how to make origami animals. Since I’m recovering from my eyeball surgery (it went well!), I decided that using the kit and making paper cranes would be a good activity for today. I made the red and yellow cranes and Jim made the blue and green ones. As total beginners, we both decided that origami is very relaxing sometimes and entirely frustrating at others. (Why is a pocket fold so impossible?!) With a bit of practice, though, I’m sure we’re both going to really like it.


6 thoughts on “Day 49: Paper Cranes

  1. I love origami, but you have to be in a certain state of mind to do it. Those precise folds!!! And the directions!!! A crane is really a good item to start with. I never progressed beyond that and the basic boat, but you should see what some people can do!!!

  2. I love origami! It can be frustrating sometimes, but its worth it! I learned as a kid from our japanese exchange student, that poor girl! My favorite is the “working” camera

  3. Abracole, it would be nice to learn from someone in person like you did. Perhaps looking at videos on You Tube would help me. I’ll have to check out that camera!

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