Day 52: Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne Collage

For some reason, this little doodle inspired me to make a collage with white paper on a dark background tonight. Because I have a girl crush on Rose Byrne, I make the collage of her. Considering I didn’t sketch her face out in advance, I’m pretty content with how it turned out. It almost looks like her.

5 thoughts on “Day 52: Rose Byrne

  1. It amazes me when someone uses paper to make a realistic collage like this. Just amazes me. This one if fantastic, and I understand how a person could paint or draw a face, but to collage it like this, how do you do it?

  2. Hehe, thanks Carolee! I will admit that this one was not easy. The forehead area and the eyes weren’t that bad. That involved laying down somewhat larger pieces of paper and didn’t take that long, but the mouth and nose area took about an hour and a half. I just kept tearing paper and trying to find the right pieces to match into the collage. It was tricky!

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