Day 54: Dark Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse


Melted Chocolate

Whipped Egg Yolks

Bowl of Chocolate Mousse

Mousse for Work

Tomorrow is our always-super-fun Oscar Celebration and Cook-off at work! I’ll be entering the competition with the Dark Chocolate Mousse I made tonight, which I am calling Anony-mousse as a play on words for the movie Anonymous, one of the films nominated for an Oscar this year.

To ensure that my mousse turned out delicious, I used the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, which is absolutely amazing–so fluffy and chocolatey! It’s definitely worth bothering with the 14-day free trial.

Anyways, wish me luck tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “Day 54: Dark Chocolate Mousse

    • Thanks so much! Photographing food is pretty challenging so that means a lot. I’m planning on getting a new camera, though, so that will help. I’m really excited about that!

  1. Yay! Hi, Nick! Joe is bringing chocolate pie (inspired by the movie “The Help” which is pretty scary). Not sure yet what Joan made. You should come here for lunch!

  2. These photos are so powerful that I want to run out and make a mousse. Wow, the effect a good photo can have is amazing to me. Actually, the whole series of photos is what inspires me!!

  3. Update: The Oscar competition has come and gone. ‘Twas a fun event, as always. I’m happy to say that I came in a 5-way tie for best titled dish! Yay! I did not, however, win or even place for the best-tasting dish. The competition is always fierce! Congrats to my co-worker, Jill, who won best-tasting for her Moneyball cheese ball!

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