Day 57: Dog Show

Golden Retriever Hairdry

Cutest Dog

Poodle Stare


Fluffy Dog


Poodle Hairstyling


Shih tzu at the Dog Show

Dog with Underbite

Dog Show

Dog Show Running

International Kennel Club

This morning we went to the International Kennel Club dog show at McCormick Place in Chicago. The goal was to see lots of cute dogs, including some with ridiculous haircuts. Mission accomplished!


2 thoughts on “Day 57: Dog Show

  1. I used to love going to the dog show in San Francisco, because you could get close to the dogs, talk to the owners, and just have a good time. Now, it is not like that anymore, so I stopped going.

    • Awww, sad to hear it’s not as fun anymore. I was reading a little about dog shows and it sounds like there are generally two types: benched and unbenched. You may know this already, but…I think your show used to be benched, meaning that dogs were required to stick around and be available for the other breeders and the general public to see, and then they switched it to unbenched. Unfortunate! Here’s a good link

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