Day 183: Duck

Duck 2

Alexandru Ciubotariu 1

Alexandru Ciubotariu 2

Alexandru Ciubotariu 3

Alexandru Ciubotariu 4

On Sunday night, I made a duck in the style of Alexandru Ciubotariu, a Romanian graffiti artist and comic book illustrator that I sort of became obsessed when I was traveling in Romania a few years back. Following my duck drawing, you can see some pictures of his work that I took while I was in Romania.

Ciubotariu does work in various styles, but what I really love are the street art characters featured in his book, Pisica Patrata. They’re cute and at the same time scary, and they all look like they’re from another world.  I guess I love them in the same way I love the animation in the movie Tekkonkinkreet. It’s the stuff of dreams.


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