Day 185: Friend


So, I don’t have much experience doing life drawing, but a friend of mine who studied art in school is a big fan of it. Last night, we were all sitting around relaxing in another friend’s parent’s backyard, and he was doing tons of drawings of people. While he was sketching, we talked a lot about why he likes it–he loves the challenge of catching a person in a moment and capturing that person and that moment in a drawing.

Hearing him talk about this really inspired me so I decided to draw one of my friends who happened to be sitting across from me.

It was hard for me. I don’t feel like I got down the things I really wanted to capture–the slope of her neck or the feminine nature of her left eyebrow–but I do feel like I caught something.  I think I caught her listening or maybe trying to understand and take part in a conversation with a group of friends. I like that.


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