Day 188: Camping

Tree and Sky at Dusk

Cowboy in the Forest


Beer in the Forest

At the Cooler

Forest Taco Ingredients



In the Light

Feet in the Dark

This past weekend, a big group of friends and I went up to Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin for some camping. On Friday night, I took lots of pictures as we cooked dinner (delicious al pastor tacos!) and sat around the fire talking and singing. It was a hot night and I wasn’t feeling so good (I think because I drank an entire liter of water in under 30 seconds earlier in the evening), but it was still fun to be with my good friends.

That is more than I can say for later in the evening. As we put ourselves to bed in the three-walled shelter, we realized that the mosquitoes were merciless–it felt like one was flying into my ear and making that high-pitched and ever-so-annoying buzzing noise every five seconds. Meeeeeeehhhhzzzzzz. On top of the sweltering heat, it made for a bad situation.

Luckily, some friends were smart enough to bring a tent, so I eventually gave up on sleeping in the shelter and squeezed myself into the tent with them. At that point, I was safe from the bugs, but not from the weather, and only barely managed to get a fitful night’s sleep.

Why does the Midwest have to be so hot?

Anyways, despite the ridiculousness, it was still a good night with lots of laughs. Thanks friends!



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