Day 234: Hot Springs

Travertine Pools

Hot Springs and Horizon

Hand in Spring

Travertine Hot Springs

Desert Landscape

Jim On Old Spring

Up On a Ridge

Before driving back to San Francisco, Jim and I decided to make a quick stop at the beautiful Travertine hot springs. We weren’t planning on getting in the water, actually, but once we saw the pools we couldn’t resist. It was great.

Here are a few pictures from that little adventure, which were all taken with my dingy cell phone camera.

5 thoughts on “Day 234: Hot Springs

  1. Super awesome shot from above! It looks like the mountain has a huge slit running down the side! Well, I suppose it does, which is cool..

    • So, actually, it’s really weird. That hot spring plays tricks with your perspective because when we saw it in a book, we thought it was way bigger. In fact, that thing with the slit down it is where the hot spring runs off and the slit was made by what I imagine has been thousands of years of water running over it. That said, the formation itself is only probably about 15 feet tall. Crazy!

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