Day 256: Quote

Art LoveAs I mentioned in my very first post back on January 1, I have zero practice doing hand lettering, so last night I did a little bit using a random quote on the internet. It looks cute, but the next time I do something like this, I think I’ll try to do something a bit fancier.

For inspiration, next time I should probably refer to The Art of Hand Lettering, an amazing blog chronicling one artists adventures in making letters.

2 thoughts on “Day 256: Quote

  1. Very cool lettering and it sounds lovely however I strongly disagree with that quote. To say that art is nothing unless it expresses love…Seriously? Andy Warhol’s soup cans piece does not make me feel romantic or bring to mind random acts of kindness but does that mean it isn’t art? I could give a million examples illustrating the ignorance of that quote but anyways….just saying…. PS I’m sure you randomly picked the quote just to do the lettering. I do that too. This isn’t personal at all. I just had a bone to pick with the quote itself. Otherwise great stuff. 🙂

    • Hi Jane! Thanks for chiming in! Indeed I did just choose the quote at random, and I was thinking similar thinks while I was making this. On the surface, I don’t really feel like all art needs to be about love, but I do think that all true art comes from a love or even obsession of creating that art. I thing all real art has some sort of passion behind it, whether it be for the pleasure of making something new or the desire to reach some sort of perfection. Of course, I think some artists eventually become possessed by the art and begin to hate it, but at some point and in some way, it is their love.

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