Day 322: Water Bottle Waterfall

Water Bottle Art ProjectOn Saturday, I helped my friend Kat, who’s a teacher, with an art project she was doing with students from her school and their parents. The idea was to inform students about all things water–access to clean drinking water, privatization of water, the pollution created by bottled water–first through their classes and then also through the art project.

For the art project, Kat and her students first gathered up hundreds of water bottles over the course of several weeks. Then on Saturday, we all worked together to clean the bottles, string them together, stuff them with tissue paper, and then hang them as a sort of curtain over the front entryway of the school. I think it sort of looks like a waterfall!

We also started another project, which we finished on Sunday. More on that in the next post.

Day 315: Puddles

Leaf in PuddleLeaves and PuddlePuddle and OilCurb and PuddleReflection in PuddleWater on StreetOily Puddle

Yesterday afternoon, we had a sudden rain shower. It was rather dramatic, actually, and at one point a blinding bolt of lightening struck right over the house and the thunder rang out immediately. Scared the bejeezus out of us, and I even screamed out loud.

The storm knocked lots of fall leaves off the trees and after it ended, there were big leafy puddles everywhere,which I thought were really pretty, so I went around the neighborhood taking pictures.

I think the third one with the asphalt, puddle, and oil is my favorite. Which one do you like best?