Day 337: Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree StarOn Sunday morning, I put the lights and star onto the Christmas tree we got the previous day at the tree farm. That evening, after cooking dinner for some friends,  I decided to just take pictures of the lights on the tree. It was all I could must, really. I was exhausted!

Bright Lights

Out of Focus Christmas TreeThese out of focus pictures are fun!

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree LightsIf you celebrate Christmas, is your Christmas tree up yet?



4 thoughts on “Day 337: Christmas Tree

      • Well partly I can’t believe it’s December and up till a few days ago when I saw a tree in a store I’d think what the heck is that doing there in ….. and I’d try to think what month it was and realize December. Doesn’t feel like December at all to me. But also deep denial over how much there is to do and when on earth I’m going to do it!! Bah humbug. (In my defense I love Christmas itself, the real feeling of it) but I’ve really come to hate the fuss and expectations and also I hate the finality of the deadline!! Like an exam date and if I forget something important I fail!) don’t get me started. Now I sound like a cranky Scrooge.

  1. Indeed, Christmas can be pretty stressful, which is kind of unfortunate. At least at the end of it you have a nice day or two with family. Although I’m sure many people have to keep their fingers crossed that the days end up civil 🙂

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