Day 348: Christkindlmarket

Chicago Christmas TreeMikeBuilding at Night  Lights and Buildings  ShleeOn Thursday, some co-workers and friends headed over to Chicago’s Christkindlmarkt for our annual tradition of celebrating Wĥäłĕņċħőŵĕŋ, a ridiculous fake holiday we made up several years ago. Unfortunately, Lufthansa nearly ruined our celebration this year because they booked an entire tent at the fest, meaning we had to sit outside and freeze for several hours until we couldn’t take it anymore.

We still had fun, though. Lufthansa, you won’t bring us down!


4 thoughts on “Day 348: Christkindlmarket

  1. OK just tell me this: Do you write Whalen… (not even going to try) that way every time?? I love the image of making up a holiday and then the name and then going the extra distance and adding the perfect ornamental accents like that. Cracked me up!

    • Hehe, yep we write the holiday name with the accents most of the time. I can’t take claim for the original spelling, though. My rather hilarious co-worker Joe made that up.

      • I love it! I’m going to write it in perfect detail out on a little piece of paper and fold it up somewhere and over the next few whirlwind days of trying to get it all done I’m going to look at that when I need a laugh and a shot of reality!! And then I’m going to tell my friends and family Happy Whalen…….. you know. If that’s ok. 🙂

        • Awesome! Great to hear you’ll be spreading the joy of Whale-en-chow-len (that’s how it’s pronounced, with the mysterious L at the end that doesn’t appear in the spelling at all). Yay!

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