Day 194: Blog Makeover


Today was a big day for the Making Made blog—maybe I should even call it historic.  What happened today, you ask? My blog got a big makeover, which involved choosing a new theme and making this header.

Now the blog has a cleaner and more designed feel, which I’m hoping will really complement my artwork and photography.

I’m so excited about the new look!

Day 171: Club Soda

I’ve tapped into something amazing at my office. Through numerous and very important discussions, I’ve discovered that many of my co-workers love club soda as much as I do. Unfortunately right now, the pop machine at my office doesn’t offer it, but not for long!

On Tuesday, I got permission from our office manager to add club soda to the machine (yipee!), so I created a survey and sent it out to the people on my floor in order to figure out which of the eight sodas currently in the machine we should get rid of. I asked them how many cans of each type of soda they drink each week, as well as how many cans of club soda they would drink if we had it.

The results confirm my belief that club soda is the most amazing drink ever: club soda is set to be the most popular drink by far!

In honor of this, I drew a picture of a cute can of club soda.

In case you’re interested, Pibb Xtra lost.


Day 151: Color Predictions for Fall 2013


I feel like I am always having weird premonitions about fashion trends, and I had one the other day about a color I think is going to be in, let’s say next fall. Note that I had a similar premonition about emerald green a while back, which has completely come true. In any case, Jim says I need to start documenting these premonitions so I have evidence for him when they come true.

So without further ado, I am making color predictions. The color that I think will soon be in is this one:

Along with that, I also think military green, gold, light peach, and mauve  will be coming back in:

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I think the 1940’s are coming back in. I think that means there will also be some dramatic burgundy and light blue and maybe a few of these colors…


Day 149: Garden

Tomato Plant

Basil Plants

Cucumber Plants

Bowl Turned Over

On Monday, I made a garden! I put in four tomato plants, a cucumber plant, an eggplant plant (hehe), and four basil plants. I also already have mint, chives, oregano and parsley growing profusely in my herb box, so I think that pretty much covers everything, excluding green beans, which we decided against in favor of having an extra tomato. Hopefully, that was the right decision.

p.s. On Monday, I also had friends over for dinner and afterwards I dropped a bowl full of veggies on the stairs on my back porch. Made for a depressing, but cool picture.

Day 90: 32 Things Before 33

Today is my 32nd birthday, so I decided to create a bucket list of 32 things I’d like to do before I turn 33 next year. Here are all those things, in no particular order:

  1. Go rock climbing
  2. Hike the entire length of the Ice Age Trail through Kettle Moraine South in Wisconsin
  3. Draw at least one passable portrait of Christopher Walken
  4. Read the manual for my new camera
  5. Invite my Mom and Dad over for dinner at my new(ish) apartment
  6. Make paella
  7. Take a sewing class
  8. Take dance lessons
  9. Make soap
  10. Make fire by friction
  11. Get a pedicure (I’ve seriously never had one)
  12. Make hot pretzels
  13. Get my jewelry repaired
  14. Visit a dairy
  15. Have a special day with my niece
  16. Buy a chiminea
  17. Do a full push-up
  18. Make cheese (beyond ricotta, which I’ve already made)
  19. Walk to from my apartment to Lake Michigan
  20. Take pictures of the stars and moon through a telescope
  21. Play basketball in the park
  22. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  23. Can vegetables
  24. Go to Hayward, Wisconsin
  25. Have a picnic in a new place
  26. Go sledding (I haven’t gone in years)
  27. Catch a fish
  28. Go to Pitch Fork, the music festival
  29. Make a piñata
  30. Run/walk a 5k
  31. Go to South America (we’re planning to go to Argentina)
  32. Complete the Making Made Project (meaning I will have made something and done a blog post every single day in 2012)

Day 66: Undone, Done Social Art Project

Above by Kabrina. Read her blog at NotManhattan.

Undone Done Laser Head

Above by Anonymous

Undone Done Woman by MakingMade

Above by me! Note that this drawing was highly influenced by this drawing, which I learned about through a Brain Pickings post about children’s picturebooks.

So, as you can see, my Undone, Done Social Art Project wasn’t exact a rousing success – I got three submissions, including my own – but the results are still pretty fun. Thanks to those who participated!

Learn more about the original concept.

Day 58: Undone, Done — A Social Art Project

Head Undone

Tonight, I decided to do something really different and create a social art project that I’m calling “Undone, Done.”

The idea: I’ve created an unfinished drawing that I’m hoping other people will finish by adding a body, using the original image in a DIY project, editing it into a photo, etc.

Everyone is invited to participate! The only rule is that you’re not allowed to remove any of the lines in the drawing. However, you can add lines, color, textures or whatever else.

When you’re finished, send a jpeg of your work to me at makingmade at gmail dot com by Sunday, March 4, 2012. In your email, be sure to include the info you’d like me to include in your credit, such as your name and/or a link to your blog or website.

I’ll post all of the drawings next Monday. Note that if by some rare chance I get a ton of pieces, I’ll post the ten best, as well as my own finished drawing.

Let the games begin!

UPDATE: The deadline has been pushed back to Tuesday evening, 3/6 at 8pm!