Day 283: Crayon on Canvas – Part 1

Crayon on Canvas Part 1Back on Tuesday, October 8, I started working on a project using charcoal and crayon on canvas. I first created a design with the charcoal, and then shaved crayon onto the canvas. Then I laid paper over the canvas and used a hairdryer to melt the crayon. It worked okay, but I think using an iron is supposed to be better.

Day 131: Abstract City

Abstract City

Tonight, I got tried out Splashup, a free online photo editing tool, to make this image of an abstract city. I must say that despite the program allowing you to use layers, it’s not that spectacular. Maybe it’s time to suck it up and get Photoshop at home.

Day 55: Abstracts

Abstract Scan

Abstract Scan Blue

Abstract Scan Sepia

I did a fun little project tonight with my scanner. First, I cut out shapes from a magazine, pasted them on a white piece of paper, and drew some black lines. Then, I put the paper on the scanner and pulled it up an down and scooted it around a little to add texture. After, I used Picasa to up the saturation and contrast and change the colors around. Yay!