Day 311: Goodbye Summer

Last night, I worked on recording a song I wrote called “Goodbye Summer.” I originally posted about this same song back onĀ day 239 when I first wrote the lyrics, but I’ve taken my time actually setting the words to music.

By the way, when I first wrote the lyrics, I was planning to call the song “Seasons Change,” but I decided to switch to the new name because I prefer song titles that come from the words of the chorus.

I’m curious which song name you prefer. Do you like Goodbye Summer or Seasons Change?

Day 108: Home


Tonight I made a recording of a little song I wrote a while back. Click on the link above to have a listen. A bit of warning that the sound is pretty quiet and then gets a bit crazy for a split second at one point. Otherwise, it gets the job done. Anyways, I hope you like it!