Day 26: Snowy Night

Snowy Night Illustration in Sharpie

Once again inspired by the book Trubloff: The Mouse Who Wanted to Play the Balalaika, tonight I decided to recreate one of the illustrations from this beautiful book. Instead of using paint  like the illustrator did, I thought it would be a fun challenge to convert the concept to a Sharpie marker drawing. I like the result, but I think I’m a little light-headed from the markers. How do Sharpie-users avoid this? Or do they just get used to it?

Check out my previous painting inspired by this book.

Day 11: Balalaika Player

Watercolor Painting of Balalaika Player

Watercolor of Russian Musician Playing the Balalaika

Illustration from Trubloff Children's Book

Pile of Vintage Children's Books

On the way home from work today I stopped at the thrift store and found several vintage children’s books with beautiful illustrations. I bought them all up (for a total of $2.00!) in hopes of using them as inspiration over the next few weeks.

Tonight, I sketched my balalaika player in pencil and then used paint and sharpie to fill him out. The original illustration that I basically copied comes from the book Trubloff: the Mouse Who Wanted to Play the Balalaika.