Day 203: Backyard Barbecue

Fruit Salad

Clothes Line Post

Bocce Balls

Soccer Ball

Log Pile


Ceramic Plate

Grill Smoke


On Saturday, one of my co-workers had us over for a lovely backyard barbecue. She has a beautiful yard, which meant I had the chance to take some great photos while we were there. Yay!


Day 175: Sauteed Kale

On Saturday night, Jim and I made dinner together and I tried on the strange experiment of barbecuing kale. It didn’t quite work out (instead of tasting awesome, it just tasted weirdly smokey) so I brought the kale inside, put it in a saute pan, added a few cloves of garlic, a little more olive oil, and a few spoonfuls of the chipotle pepper sauce (the stuff that’s in the can with the actual chipotle peppers), and it turned out quite delicious. Definitely a kale rescue.

Day 74: Night


Chicago Porch






One of my co-workers is definitely going to give me crap about doing another photography post this week, but I couldn’t resist! My friends invited us to a spontaneous evening barbeque in celebration of the magnificent weather, and I really wanted to try out my new camera in the dim light. I must say that it performed really well. I’m impressed!