Day 334: Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier DrawingOn Thursday night, I drew this Boston Terrier, which I actually really love. I think it might be one of my best doodles yet.

Boston Terriers are such funny looking dogs, though. What do you think of them? What’s your favorite type of dog?


Day 270: Mysterious Woman

Mysterious WomanOn Wednesday, I sat in a vegan cafe in Barcelona and made this drawing, which was inspired by the many colorful drawings painted on the walls there. It was a colorful place, and the food was delicious!

Day 238: Scenes from Wisconsin



Shoes and Water

Hidden Bowling Pins

Last Saturday, Jim and I went up to Kettle Moraine South to hike the last eight mile section of the Ice Age Trail within the park. After completing it that day, I officially accomplished one of the things one my list of 32 Things to Do Before I Turn 33: Hike the whole length of the Ice Age Trail running through Kettle Moraine South. Wahoo!

These pictures are just a few scenes from the day. Not sure why the plastic bowling pins were in the forest, but they were.

Day 192: Girl


On Tuesday, I made a doodle of a girl, which was actually inspired by three different sketches. This sketch by Berlin-based graphic designer and illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva is what inspired the hair. This sketch by Tom Cardo-Moreno inspired the lined detailing of the lips and sweater, and this last funny sketch by Kris Atomic inspired the facial features.

Day 145: Lines and Shapes

Lines and ShapesThursday night was laundromat night so I brought my sketchbook and markers with while my laundry spun around in the dryer. It reminds me a bit of  the black and white pieces by Piet Mondrian, although less symmetric or parallel.

Day 94: The Sun


A certain someone has food poisoning (most likely) and a crazy fever so I spent the evening taking care of him. Therefore, I didn’t finish my California el stop picture yet. Instead, I did a doodle of the sun, which turned out kinda cute!

Day 43: Zombie

Zombie Drawing

Tonight was the return of Walking Dead so some friends and I had a viewing party! During the festivities, I drew a Zombie. I used one of the Walking Dead comic books as inspiration since I’m very ill-experienced in monster drawing.