Day 238: Scenes from Wisconsin



Shoes and Water

Hidden Bowling Pins

Last Saturday, Jim and I went up to Kettle Moraine South to hike the last eight mile section of the Ice Age Trail within the park. After completing it that day, I officially accomplished one of the things one my list of 32 Things to Do Before I Turn 33: Hike the whole length of the Ice Age Trail running through Kettle Moraine South. Wahoo!

These pictures are just a few scenes from the day. Not sure why the plastic bowling pins were in the forest, but they were.

Day 192: Girl


On Tuesday, I made a doodle of a girl, which was actually inspired by three different sketches. This sketch by Berlin-based graphic designer and illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva is what inspired the hair. This sketch by Tom Cardo-Moreno inspired the lined detailing of the lips and sweater, and this last funny sketch by Kris Atomic inspired the facial features.

Day 145: Lines and Shapes

Lines and ShapesThursday night was laundromat night so I brought my sketchbook and markers with while my laundry spun around in the dryer. It reminds me a bit of  the black and white pieces by Piet Mondrian, although less symmetric or parallel.

Day 94: The Sun


A certain someone has food poisoning (most likely) and a crazy fever so I spent the evening taking care of him. Therefore, I didn’t finish my California el stop picture yet. Instead, I did a doodle of the sun, which turned out kinda cute!

Day 43: Zombie

Zombie Drawing

Tonight was the return of Walking Dead so some friends and I had a viewing party! During the festivities, I drew a Zombie. I used one of the Walking Dead comic books as inspiration since I’m very ill-experienced in monster drawing.