Day 234: Hot Springs

Travertine Pools

Hot Springs and Horizon

Hand in Spring

Travertine Hot Springs

Desert Landscape

Jim On Old Spring

Up On a Ridge

Before driving back to San Francisco, Jim and I decided to make a quick stop at the beautiful Travertine hot springs. We weren’t planning on getting in the water, actually, but once we saw the pools we couldn’t resist. It was great.

Here are a few pictures from that little adventure, which were all taken with my dingy cell phone camera.

Day 233: Mountain Lake

Barney Lake

Jeanne in Lake

Jim in Lake

After our time in Yosemite, we ventured east to a place called Bridgeport to visit a few hot springs. While at one of the springs, a few people recommended we do some hiking in the Twin Lakes area–we decided to check it out. Once we made it over to the area of the lakes, a fellow told us that the trail up to Buckeye Lake was pretty amazing so we decided to do it. Indeed it was a lovely hike and the lake at the end was stunning. Definitely made for a beautiful day and an unforgettable swim.

Note: The first picture is the lake, the second picture is me in the lake (Jim took that one obviously), and the last one is Jim in the lake.

Day 232: Yosemite #4

Tent at Yosemite Falls

Little Tree

Above It All

Yosemite Landscape

Looking Up

We Did It!

These are just a few our photos from our last morning in the Yosemite back country. We started to run low on pictures on the disposable camera, so all except the last one were taken on our disposable camera. The rest were taken with my crappy cell phone camera.

Note that the last photo is Jim and I right after we finished our long hike down from Yosemite Falls. It was a glorious moment.