Day 358: Camper

CamperMy Dad is very hard to find gifts for, I guess because he doesn’t ever really want anything. Sometimes he needs new sweaters or a new baseball cap, but I’m not sure he really cares about getting those kinds of gifts. I’m not sure why. I love presents. Socks, scarves, books, candy bars–I don’t really care. Unlike my Dad, I just think presents are fun.

Anyways, because I really didn’t know what to get for my Dad, I decided to make him a painting. See, I made him a teeny tiny painting of a house several years ago, and he still has it hanging on the wall, so I figured a painting is a gift he might actually enjoy getting.

The little artwork I made for him this year is supposed to be our camper during a trip we took as a family many years ago to Mackinac in Michigan. We stayed at this cute little campground on the water and camped right on the beach. It was pretty.

I gave him the painting on Christmas and I think he liked it. He said something like, “Well, that doesn’t exactly look like our camper, but this must be us in Mackinac!” and then smiled brightly. It was nice.

Day 188: Camping

Tree and Sky at Dusk

Cowboy in the Forest


Beer in the Forest

At the Cooler

Forest Taco Ingredients



In the Light

Feet in the Dark

This past weekend, a big group of friends and I went up to Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin for some camping. On Friday night, I took lots of pictures as we cooked dinner (delicious al pastor tacos!) and sat around the fire talking and singing. It was a hot night and I wasn’t feeling so good (I think because I drank an entire liter of water in under 30 seconds earlier in the evening), but it was still fun to be with my good friends.

That is more than I can say for later in the evening. As we put ourselves to bed in the three-walled shelter, we realized that the mosquitoes were merciless–it felt like one was flying into my ear and making that high-pitched and ever-so-annoying buzzing noise every five seconds. Meeeeeeehhhhzzzzzz. On top of the sweltering heat, it made for a bad situation.

Luckily, some friends were smart enough to bring a tent, so I eventually gave up on sleeping in the shelter and squeezed myself into the tent with them. At that point, I was safe from the bugs, but not from the weather, and only barely managed to get a fitful night’s sleep.

Why does the Midwest have to be so hot?

Anyways, despite the ridiculousness, it was still a good night with lots of laughs. Thanks friends!