Day 348: Christkindlmarket

Chicago Christmas TreeMikeBuilding at Night  Lights and Buildings  ShleeOn Thursday, some co-workers and friends headed over to Chicago’s Christkindlmarkt for our annual tradition of celebrating Wĥäłĕņċħőŵĕŋ, a ridiculous fake holiday we made up several years ago. Unfortunately, Lufthansa nearly ruined our celebration this year because they booked an entire tent at the fest, meaning we had to sit outside and freeze for several hours until we couldn’t take it anymore.

We still had fun, though. Lufthansa, you won’t bring us down!

Day 330: Milwaukee Avenue

BuildingYesterday, we went for a long walk up Milwaukee Avenue, and I took some pictures. Since we left the house around 3 or 3:30, it got dark while we were walking, which meant that some of my pictures from the walk are much darker than others. Actually, on a whole the collection is sort of non-congruous, which might be because Milwaukee changes quite a bit as you walk northwest from my neighborhood. Just north of my house, it’s rather sparse and open, but past Logan Square it changes and becomes much more closed in, with old retail shops, some of them rather run down, crowding both sides of the street. That said, it’s always a nice walk, and makes for excellent people watching.

Milwaukee Avenue Under MoonThe moon looked really pretty above this building, and I liked the way the street lights made the building look so orange. It contrasted nicely with the blue sky.

Mannequin ButtsButt mannequins are a pretty common sight in Chicago. They always crack me up.

Grocery Store Signs

Woman on Milwaukee Avenue

Neon Hotel SignI’m sort of obsessed with neon signs, so this hotel sign was an obvious subject for me.


Day 322: Water Bottle Waterfall

Water Bottle Art ProjectOn Saturday, I helped my friend Kat, who’s a teacher, with an art project she was doing with students from her school and their parents. The idea was to inform students about all things water–access to clean drinking water, privatization of water, the pollution created by bottled water–first through their classes and then also through the art project.

For the art project, Kat and her students first gathered up hundreds of water bottles over the course of several weeks. Then on Saturday, we all worked together to clean the bottles, string them together, stuff them with tissue paper, and then hang them as a sort of curtain over the front entryway of the school. I think it sort of looks like a waterfall!

We also started another project, which we finished on Sunday. More on that in the next post.

Day 311: Goodbye Summer

Last night, I worked on recording a song I wrote called “Goodbye Summer.” I originally posted about this same song back on day 239 when I first wrote the lyrics, but I’ve taken my time actually setting the words to music.

By the way, when I first wrote the lyrics, I was planning to call the song “Seasons Change,” but I decided to switch to the new name because I prefer song titles that come from the words of the chorus.

I’m curious which song name you prefer. Do you like Goodbye Summer or Seasons Change?