Mask, City, Leg Man


My project for the first week of 2013 was to make some collages. Because my printer is out of ink, I decided that I was going to have to work only with the fashion magazines I had at home. This made things quite challenging since I had a limited palette of images to work with instead of the entire internet. But I suppose this was good because it forced me to be creative and also made me think about all the things I will probably print out and use in future collages.

CityLeg Man

These collages definitely turned out a little weird, though. Have you made any weird art recently? Feel free to share links.

Day 330: Milwaukee Avenue

BuildingYesterday, we went for a long walk up Milwaukee Avenue, and I took some pictures. Since we left the house around 3 or 3:30, it got dark while we were walking, which meant that some of my pictures from the walk are much darker than others. Actually, on a whole the collection is sort of non-congruous, which might be because Milwaukee changes quite a bit as you walk northwest from my neighborhood. Just north of my house, it’s rather sparse and open, but past Logan Square it changes and becomes much more closed in, with old retail shops, some of them rather run down, crowding both sides of the street. That said, it’s always a nice walk, and makes for excellent people watching.

Milwaukee Avenue Under MoonThe moon looked really pretty above this building, and I liked the way the street lights made the building look so orange. It contrasted nicely with the blue sky.

Mannequin ButtsButt mannequins are a pretty common sight in Chicago. They always crack me up.

Grocery Store Signs

Woman on Milwaukee Avenue

Neon Hotel SignI’m sort of obsessed with neon signs, so this hotel sign was an obvious subject for me.


Day 308: City Sunset

City SunsetOn Saturday night, I made this gouache painting of a city skyline at sunset, which is actually composed of a background and multiple layers of watercolor paper shaped like buildings. Here’s how I did this:

  • I cut a piece of watercolor paper into pieces – 1/3 for the painting background and 2/3 for the layers of buildings.
  • Next, I painted the background using orange red and orange yellow gouache.
  • After that, I cut out the layers of buildings, starting with the shortest buildings and moving to the taller buildings on the back layer.
  • Then, I painted the layers using black and grey paints. The first layer is all black and the last layer is mostly grey with a teeny bit of black.
  • Next, I used a glue stick and glued all the layers on, with the tallest grey layer on the bottom.
  • Finally, I used a white Uni-ball Signo pen to make the little windows.

Day 191: Winding Street

Winding Street

On Monday, I made a drawing of a winding street in France. The sketch is actually on the first page of a rather big sketch book that happens to be too big to actually scan on my scanner. That complicates things because I’ll need to take pictures of the things I do in this book. Kind of annoying.

Day 153: Clark and Lake


CTA Travel


Clark and Lake

On Friday, I snapped a few photos with my phone at the Clark and Lake blue line El stop. They’re pretty low res, but I really like the faces and the mood of the pictures. Even though there are lots of people in all of them, they still seem sort of lonely.

Day 131: Abstract City

Abstract City

Tonight, I got tried out Splashup, a free online photo editing tool, to make this image of an abstract city. I must say that despite the program allowing you to use layers, it’s not that spectacular. Maybe it’s time to suck it up and get Photoshop at home.

Day 129: Pig


Tuesday, I made a drawing of a scary pig holding a can of PBR, which is in fact a bit odd. In my defense, it was based on a picture hanging on the wall of a karaoke bar in downtown Chicago so at least I didn’t make it up.