Day 96: California El Stop – Part 3

California El Stop 3

Yay! After three nights of working on it, I finally finished my California el stop picture. I actually really like how it turned out and kind of love that Taquería Moran (in the yellow building) figures so prominently in it since it is my favorite taco place in the city. Their al pastor tacos are divine!

Day 78: House

House Pencil Drawing

House Pencil Drawing Inverse

Colorful House

We ate more corned beef and cabbage tonight over at my friend Christina’s, and it was delicious! After we ate, we relaxed in the living room while I did a pencil drawing of a house, which I guess is actually just part of a house. I also some Picnik filters to make a few additional versions. Fun!

Day 74: Night


Chicago Porch






One of my co-workers is definitely going to give me crap about doing another photography post this week, but I couldn’t resist! My friends invited us to a spontaneous evening barbeque in celebration of the magnificent weather, and I really wanted to try out my new camera in the dim light. I must say that it performed really well. I’m impressed!

Day 72: Backyard

Birds in Flight

Chicago Apartment


Back Porch

Utility Pole

I am so excited! I bought my first ever DSLR camera last week,  a Canon Rebel T2i, and I got my lens in the mail today so I was finally able to take pictures with it. I haven’t read a single bit of the users manual for the camera, so I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it was still fun to hang out in my backyard and snap a few pictures.

Day 65: La Boca

La Boca

Tonight, I did a bit of a timed trial to create this picture of the famous La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I gave myself 10 minutes to draw the picture and 15 minutes to paint it. It came out okay and it was definitely good practice!

Related to Argentina, I am currently in the process of planning a trip to Buenos Aires and Patagonia for next February. I can’t wait to go!

Day 56: Paris Street

Paris Street

My project today was based on a drawing in the vintage children’s book Rosalie the Bird Market Turtle, which takes place in Paris. I’ve never done a fluid cityscape painting like this before so it was good practice!