Day 210: Goodbye to My Clothes

Goodbye Clothes

So this post is a lot less scandalous than it sounds. Basically, I’ve had several pieces of old, and in some cases, tattered clothing that I’ve held onto for years, I suppose because they all hold memories for me that I didn’t want to forget. So that I could get rid of all of these clothes and feel good about it, I photographed all of the pieces and then gave them to Goodwill. It made for a happy goodbye!

Here’s a little bit on each piece of clothing and why I’ve held onto it, starting from the top row and going left to right

  1. Black cotton blend polo with white and beige stripes – I got this polo to wear for my orientation to the American Red Cross/AmeriCorps NCCC program 2002, which took place in Washington, D.C. It was an extremely fun and slightly stressful few days that I remember fondly as my first initiation into the world oustide of college.
  2. Blue Fighting Illini t-shirt – On the subject of college, this is a t-shirt from the University of Illinois. I don’t know if I got this while I was in school there or afterwards, but this shirt is still a connection to all the amazingly fun times I had in college.
  3. Pink polo with white stripes – I got this polo a few summers after I started working at my current job, and I remember wearing it to work often and getting compliments on it from my co-workers. I guess this shirt reminds me of how much I like the people I work with.
  4. Plaid skirt – I actually thrifted this skirt in the fall thinking I would wear it while I was performing open mics and on my way to becoming a super amazing rock star. Since I don’t think that will ever actually happen, I figured I should get rid of it.
  5. Maroon shirt from Guatemala – I got this shirt from one of my college boyfriends. Although I don’t think I ever wore it on campus, I wore it a lot while I was living with my parents during my first year after college. It was a weird time in my life since I was living far away from most of my friends and waiting to move away to Germany the following year, but it was also a nice time with my parents. They’re great.
  6. Blue Red Cross t-shirt – I always found this t-shirt really funny and I guess it reminds me of my Red Cross co-workers. They were such a crazy bunch full of varying personalities and differing opinions, but I feel like working with them really shaped who I am. I learned a lot from them.

My memory is not the best, so I hope these photos will help preserve these moments in my life for me. Fingers crossed!

Day 155: Breakfast Rolls


Sunday was so fun! Six friends came over for a German-style breakfast and clothing exchange at my place.

For breakfast, I used this recipe to make brötchen, which are traditional German breakfast rolls, and then did what the Germans do—took everything possible out of the refrigerator. Of course, my guests brought lots of delicious things, too. We ended up have lots of tasty cheese, cold cuts, jam, fruit, pickles, coffee cake, juice, and probably a few things I’m forgetting. It was a great breakfast—and it didn’t even matter that I woke up late and didn’t have enough time to let the rolls rise all the way. They were still good.

Afterwards, we had an amazing clothing exchange. Everyone brought all the clothes they didn’t want, which amounted to a LOT, and then everyone walked away with lots of great new-to-them clothes, including me! I got several new shirts, a dress, workout clothes, and even a new pea coat. It was great!

Day 29: Vintage Fashion

Women in vintage green dress

Probably because I’m excited about selling at the upcoming Vintage Bazaar in Chicago, tonight I drew a woman in a green vintage-style dress. I used the book How to Draw Vintage Fashions (currently for sale in my Etsy shop, Rainy Penguin Vintage) to help me with the weird body proportions (apparently a standard in fashion drawing back in the day). I also used it to get inspiration for the dress, although it is mostly my creation.

Note: I spent .2 seconds on her hands so they look like monster claws. Oh well.