Dawn of a New Age

Moon rising over hotelIt has been a while since I’ve made a collage (I think the last one was my Deer Chicago piece) so I was excited to make these collages earlier this week during an art night with some friends.

The following piece is my boyfriend’s favorite. He likes the kid jumping off of the diving board into the pool of space. I think my favorite is the one of the man and the woman with the galaxy behind them. I love how excited the woman is. She is so INTO that galaxy.

I’m curious–do you have a favorite? Which one?

Collage of a pool and space

Woman and man look at galaxy

Woman peers out at galaxy Pool and spaceCollage of Jupiter and a vintage hotelWoman view from below with space in background


Mask, City, Leg Man


My project for the first week of 2013 was to make some collages. Because my printer is out of ink, I decided that I was going to have to work only with the fashion magazines I had at home. This made things quite challenging since I had a limited palette of images to work with instead of the entire internet. But I suppose this was good because it forced me to be creative and also made me think about all the things I will probably print out and use in future collages.

CityLeg Man

These collages definitely turned out a little weird, though. Have you made any weird art recently? Feel free to share links.

Finding Inspiration: Collages

This week, I’m planning to do a series of collages so I’ve spent the past few days scouring the internet for collage pieces that inspire me. I created a collage pinterest board with many of the examples. Here are some of my favorites.

Slow MagicCover art collage for the band Slow Magic


Collage by Caro-Ma


Collage by Bene Rohlmann



Collage by gvmma



Collage by James Dawe


Collage by Bene Rohlmann

Day 292: Hands


I think this has been one of my favorite projects so far. I love the results and think it’s funny that it is sort of like a grown up hand turkey.

Here’s how I made this:

  • Used a medium sharpie to trace my hand multiple times onto a white piece of paper. Then I scanned in the image.
  • Opened the jpeg image in Inkscape, a free piece of software that is somewhat similar to Illustrator.
  • Traced the image by going to Path > Trace Bitmap. I used the brightness threshold set to the default.
  • Then I deleted the original jpeg. To do this, you can just move over the traced outlines image and delete what’s underneath.
  • Created three  layers by going to “View” in the top menu and selecting “Layers”. Then I hit the plus button and made three  layers.
  • Moved the outlines onto the middle layer. You can just cut and paste to do this.
  • Created the background by tearing up pieces of newspaper and taping them back onto a 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper. Then I scanned in the newspaper collage.
  • Opened the newspaper collage image in Inkscape, copied it, and pasted it as the bottom layer under the outlines.
  • Finally, I used the paint bucket to fill in different areas with color on the top layer. I had the paint opacity set to around 50% for the color, which you set in the “Fill and Stroke” menu.
  • You won’t be able to fill in some of the areas with color because they won’t be “bounded,” but others should work. This project is easy enough that it’s worth it to go with the flow. It will look good no matter what.

And that’s it. If you make one of these, let me know! I’d love to see how it turned out!

Day 210: Goodbye to My Clothes

Goodbye Clothes

So this post is a lot less scandalous than it sounds. Basically, I’ve had several pieces of old, and in some cases, tattered clothing that I’ve held onto for years, I suppose because they all hold memories for me that I didn’t want to forget. So that I could get rid of all of these clothes and feel good about it, I photographed all of the pieces and then gave them to Goodwill. It made for a happy goodbye!

Here’s a little bit on each piece of clothing and why I’ve held onto it, starting from the top row and going left to right

  1. Black cotton blend polo with white and beige stripes – I got this polo to wear for my orientation to the American Red Cross/AmeriCorps NCCC program 2002, which took place in Washington, D.C. It was an extremely fun and slightly stressful few days that I remember fondly as my first initiation into the world oustide of college.
  2. Blue Fighting Illini t-shirt – On the subject of college, this is a t-shirt from the University of Illinois. I don’t know if I got this while I was in school there or afterwards, but this shirt is still a connection to all the amazingly fun times I had in college.
  3. Pink polo with white stripes – I got this polo a few summers after I started working at my current job, and I remember wearing it to work often and getting compliments on it from my co-workers. I guess this shirt reminds me of how much I like the people I work with.
  4. Plaid skirt – I actually thrifted this skirt in the fall thinking I would wear it while I was performing open mics and on my way to becoming a super amazing rock star. Since I don’t think that will ever actually happen, I figured I should get rid of it.
  5. Maroon shirt from Guatemala – I got this shirt from one of my college boyfriends. Although I don’t think I ever wore it on campus, I wore it a lot while I was living with my parents during my first year after college. It was a weird time in my life since I was living far away from most of my friends and waiting to move away to Germany the following year, but it was also a nice time with my parents. They’re great.
  6. Blue Red Cross t-shirt – I always found this t-shirt really funny and I guess it reminds me of my Red Cross co-workers. They were such a crazy bunch full of varying personalities and differing opinions, but I feel like working with them really shaped who I am. I learned a lot from them.

My memory is not the best, so I hope these photos will help preserve these moments in my life for me. Fingers crossed!

Day 87: Lemons

I traveled back from Arizona this afternoon, so I’m super tired. Why is air travel so exhausting? I’m guessing it’s the stress and dehydration, but it’s still pretty crazy how draining it is.

Anyways, because I’m sleepy, I decided to make these lemons really quickly. To do this, I just cut out the lemons shapes from construction paper, drew the outlines and dots with a thin marker, and then glued them to a white piece of paper. Super easy!


Day 67: Meteor Shower

Meteor ShowerPossibly motivated by the apocalyptic-sounding wind storm going on outside my window, tonight I did a paper collage of a meteor shower. Even though it looks simple, it took a lot of patience and gluey fingers. I’m happy with the results, though. Actually, I kinda love it!

Day 52: Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne Collage

For some reason, this little doodle inspired me to make a collage with white paper on a dark background tonight. Because I have a girl crush on Rose Byrne, I make the collage of her. Considering I didn’t sketch her face out in advance, I’m pretty content with how it turned out. It almost looks like her.