Day 281: Large Group Art Project

Large Group Art Project





Amanda or Jo

MineDuring a recent weekend in Wisconsin, about 20 of my friends and I made a big artwork together. The first picture shows the finished product and the pictures that follow are a few examples of individual pieces.

To get things ready for our group art project, I first created a rather abstract picture by converting a forest scene to outlines in Inkscape and then had it printed at Staples as a huge 36″ by 48″ engineering print (for only $7.50!). I cut the printout into 32 different pieces and labeled the back of each page according to a grid so that I could put them back together later. The columns were numbers and the rows were letters, so the first piece, for example, was 1a.

During our weekend together, I then invited my friends to each color in a picture a two. They were all very enthused and made so many beautiful little artworks out of the 32 pieces.

On Sunday, I then taped all of these artworks together to create one giant, group-made piece of art.

It was really fun! Thanks to my friends who participated!