Day 245: Paper Star #2

Paper StarLast Saturday, I finished my paper star. Here’s a summary of what I did to make this.

  1. Created a star-shaped paper frame using pieces of black construction paper glued together.
  2. Glued white paper to the back of the star and then trimmed it to also be the same star shape as the frame.
  3. Glued together strips of red paper to make long strips that would fit over the whole star. I did the same with pink strips of paper.
  4. Then, I glued the strips of paper onto the star, alternating between the red and pink sort of randomly.
  5. Finally, I trimmed off any of the excess paper so that the paper strips formed to the shape of the paper star.

Mine star is now hanging on my bedroom wall, and I love it! I would guess that the whole project took about 2.5 hours total over the two days.

Day 207: Paper Wreath – Part 1

Paper Wreath 2

Paper Wreath 1

On Wednesday, I started working on a paper wreath for my front door. To make the wreath, I cut some colorful paper (thanks Paper Source!) onto strips and then glued it into a ring shape. Then I just glued the rings to the cardboard ring. It was easy enough to do, but gluing the paper took a long time, so I had to divide this project into two days.


Day 142: Thank You Card

Handmade Thank You Card

Yesterday, I tried again to make a nice thank you card for Jim’s parents for letting us vacation at their house in Arizona, and this time I think I succeeded!

To make this, I used pinking shears to cut out the card from watercolor paper. Then I did a rough sort of un-blended wash of blue watercolor paint on one side. Then I used the stamps I bought at a garage sale on Sunday to stamp out the words “Thank You.”

Not including my previous failed attempt on Sunday, it took about 20 minutes. Not bad!

Day 61: Ilinois

Illinois Drawing

Tonight I made this map of Illinois. Secret: This was super easy to do.  All I did was manipulate a map of Illinois using Picnick, print it out, paint it, scan it back it, and then add the text. Not bad!

Unrelated, this is a reminder to participate in my social art project, “Undone, Done.” Entries are due on Sunday!

Day 55: Abstracts

Abstract Scan

Abstract Scan Blue

Abstract Scan Sepia

I did a fun little project tonight with my scanner. First, I cut out shapes from a magazine, pasted them on a white piece of paper, and drew some black lines. Then, I put the paper on the scanner and pulled it up an down and scooted it around a little to add texture. After, I used Picasa to up the saturation and contrast and change the colors around. Yay!

Day 49: Paper Cranes

Red Paper Crane

Paper Cranes

A few weeks ago, I picked up an origami kit at the thrift store that consists of some wonderful paper and a much less wonderful book about how to make origami animals. Since I’m recovering from my eyeball surgery (it went well!), I decided that using the kit and making paper cranes would be a good activity for today. I made the red and yellow cranes and Jim made the blue and green ones. As total beginners, we both decided that origami is very relaxing sometimes and entirely frustrating at others. (Why is a pocket fold so impossible?!) With a bit of practice, though, I’m sure we’re both going to really like it.