Day 342: Light Sculpture

Light Sculpture“Why do people even bother having parties if they don’t make sure they have good lighting?”

I believe this is a question I posed on Friday as I was working on my lighting for the Christmas dinner party we had on Sunday night. I think I said it as if I was trying to be ironic, but I might actually believe this. Great lighting adds so much to the mood and coziness of a party. It makes people comfortable. It makes people happy.

With this in mind, I spent an hour or so working on a “light sculpture” on Friday night. I basically just looped Christmas lights around my existing light fixture. It created great lighting and was a bit hit with my guests!

Light Sculpture 2

Christmas Lights

Day 242: Waves


Last Wednesday, I took Jim out for a super secret date to the top of the Hancock building and then to Frontera Grill for dinner (it was super fun). Because I was meeting Jim downtown around 6, I stayed at work and did some pen tool practice on Illustrator, which you see here. It was the perfect way to get my project done early so I could really enjoy the evening.