Day 98: Dinner Party

Italian Lights

Dinner Party 2

Dinner Party


Accordion Player
So last night I made an Italian-themed dinner party! Thanks so much to everyone who came and brought food. What an amazing evening! Highlights of the night included eating lots of delicious food (there was bread, and cheese, and salami, and humus, and salad, and vegetables, and two pasta dishes, and chicken, and pork, and cookies, and ice cream), a spontaneous jam session on the back porch, cartwheels in the back yard, and, last but definitely not least, THE ACCORDION PLAYER!

I can’t even believe it myself, but yesterday morning Jim and I went to the cafe right near my house, Bang Bang, to get some biscuits (they’re amazing) and, as fate would have it, a very talented accordion player was performing in the corner. I wrote him a note that said something like, “we’re having a dinner party tonight. Can you come by and play for 15 or 20 minutes?” About an hour later, he called, and we booked him for 8:30.

The plan: he would walk in to my apartment already playing.

And that’s what he did! He was a huge surprise to everyone and quite a hit. It was especially awesome when he played a rather famous Italian song on accordion and we all started clapping along. Hilarious!

Anyways, finding the according player really was rather serendipitous thing and made an already great night with friends even better. Thanks again, everyone!!

Day 97: White Bean Spread

White Bean Spread

Yellow Vintage Blender

Tomorrow I’m having a big dinner party/potluck, for which I’m making three dishes. To get a head start on the cooking, I made a white bean spread today (in my amazing yellow vintage blender!). I used this recipe from Giada. It’s pretty good, but it asks you to salt it “to taste.” I always find that kind of annoying. Just tell me how much salt to add!