Day 142: Thank You Card

Handmade Thank You Card

Yesterday, I tried again to make a nice thank you card for Jim’s parents for letting us vacation at their house in Arizona, and this time I think I succeeded!

To make this, I used pinking shears to cut out the card from watercolor paper. Then I did a rough sort of un-blended wash of blue watercolor paint on one side. Then I used the stamps I bought at a garage sale on Sunday to stamp out the words “Thank You.”

Not including my previous failed attempt on Sunday, it took about 20 minutes. Not bad!

Day 141: In the Garden

Feet in Grass

Climbing Plant


Yesterday, I attempted to make a thank you card for Jim’s parents (for letting us vacation at their lovely Arizona home a few months back), and the card was a miserable failure. Therefore, I am posting a few pictures I took while we were out in the garden weeding and otherwise getting ready for planting.


Day 139: Nurses’ Rally

Chicago Nurses Rally 5

Improve Healthcare Sign

Chicago Nurses Rally 1

Congress for Sale

Chicago Nurses Rally 2

Chicago Nurses Rally 3

Chicago Nurses Rally 4

Stop Corporate Rule

Police Officer Taking Picture

Chicago Nurses Rally 6

Power to the People

On Friday, I went to the Nurses’ Rally in Daley Plaza and took photos. It was pretty amazing to feel the passion and energy within the crowd. People were really fired up about everything from improving healthcare and education to destroying NATO and corporate rule. And some people were dressed really funny, which was great.

Day 136: Cabbage Salad with Cilantro

Cabbage Cilantro Salad

I had a head of cabbage lingering in my fridge that I needed to use up, so tonight I made a delicious cabbage salad with cilantro using a recipe from The Lively Kitchen. Somewhat related, might I just say that cabbage is an amazing vegetable. It’s super cheap, keeps quite a while in the fridge, and tastes delicious as a salad. Yay cabbage!

Day 134: Sailboat

SailboatLast night I made a little drawing of a sailboat, which is sort of an ode to my love of the water, I suppose. Also, I love sailing, although I’m no expert. A few years ago, I took some courses and learned how to sail a Rhodes 19, although I never took the final course or took my test to get certified. Perhaps I’ll have to do that someday in the future.

Day 131: Abstract City

Abstract City

Tonight, I got tried out Splashup, a free online photo editing tool, to make this image of an abstract city. I must say that despite the program allowing you to use layers, it’s not that spectacular. Maybe it’s time to suck it up and get Photoshop at home.