Day 84: Southwestern Flowers

Southwestern FlowersAs promised, here’s a little ode to my vacation in the Southwest. Note that I did most of this while sitting in the sun by the pool where I’m staying. I can’t complain about life right now.

Day 70: Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

Today I knew I wanted to make yellow flowers on a black background, but I also knew I was feeling way to lazy to actually color in a black background. To avoid it, I got a little creative.  I colored the flowers in blue, made the petals pink, and left the background white,. Then I made an inverse of the drawing, and TA DA! I have a picture of yellow roses with a black background that I didn’t require an hour long black Sharpie session. Yay!

Day 59: Flowers

Blue Flowers

Watercolor Flowers

I knew the day would come when I didn’t like what I made. For whatever, I felt like these flowers were kind of cursed the minute I started watercoloring them. Perhaps because I immediately hated the way the red paint looked over the light orange marker. In any case, I used the original to create an inverted version, which is posted first here, and I like that. I guess that makes me feel better.

Note: I used this cute doodle from Christy Tomlinson as a basis for the flowers.

Day 28: Lincoln Park Conservatory

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Purple and Yellow Orchid

Orange Collar

Water Fountain

Green Stuff Growing on Wall

Green Wall

Hanging Cactus

Today, Jim and I took a little field trip to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, always a favorite thing to do in the winter. The humidity and warmth helps me pretend that it’s summer for just a few moments. I like it.