Day 282: Fruit





At about midnight last Monday, I woke up with a start realizing that I hadn’t made anything for the day, so I got out of bed and took some pictures of lemons and limes. I was at first trying to catching interesting pictures of fruit rolling around, but it wasn’t working, so I did a few still lifes and called it good.


Day 87: Lemons

I traveled back from Arizona this afternoon, so I’m super tired. Why is air travel so exhausting? I’m guessing it’s the stress and dehydration, but it’s still pretty crazy how draining it is.

Anyways, because I’m sleepy, I decided to make these lemons really quickly. To do this, I just cut out the lemons shapes from construction paper, drew the outlines and dots with a thin marker, and then glued them to a white piece of paper. Super easy!