Day 357: Bathrobe Belt

1-Bathrobe BeltJim has been missing the belt for his bathrobe for a loooong time. This means that he occasionally walks around the house in just his robe without a tie and with only his hand clasping it together.

Since we have roommates, this also means that he may or may not be in constant danger of flashing them. While my roomies  never really mentioned being uncomfortable about the robe situation, I wonder if they also recognized the constant uncertainty. Exposure could happen any moment!

But no more! On Saturday, I made Jim a belt for his bathrobe to eliminate this little situation forever….and I also made it to make Jim happy. I’m sure it will be more comfortable to have a belt.

Since I’m not much of a seamstress, it actually took me over two hours to make the thing and the craftmanship isn’t even that good, but it’s the thought that counts.

I gave Jim the belt yesterday as a Christmas present, and he seemed quite happy. Yay!

Day 355: Oregon

OregonMerry Christmas, Maureen!

One of my sisters lives in Oregon, but she wasn’t able to come back to Chicago this year for the holidays because she recently started a new job. We’re all going to miss her a lot this Christmas, but we’ll get to see her in February once she finally has enough vacation time. That’s good.

Anyway, I made this Oregon piece for Maureen because I made a similar one of Illinois a while back, and at the time, Maureen said I should make her one of Oregon for Christmas–so I did!

She already opened her other present from me, which she got in the mail, but this is a Christmas surprise for her.

Maureen, I hope you like the this! I’ll be sending a framed version out to you in the mail tomorrow!


Day 36: Plush Heart

Pink plush heart

Today, I made a plush heart for my 3-year-old niece, which I plan to give to her for Valentine’s Day. A while back, entirely inspired by Shawinmals, I made everyone in my family a stuffed “Jeanne-imal.” Since my niece wasn’t born yet, I hadn’t made one for her. Until now! Yay!

Related to the actual making of the stuffed heart, I’m a sewing newbie, which made the project rather problematic, mostly because I couldn’t get my grandmother’s sewing machine (which I now own) to work. I later found out that it was because I was forgetting to put down the pressure foot. Oops. I wish I would have realized that instead of spending about two hours playing with the thing and reading through the manual to try to get it to work. I guess this means that next time I try to use it, I won’t have any problems because I really know everything about it now. Fingers crossed.