Day 308: City Sunset

City SunsetOn Saturday night, I made this gouache painting of a city skyline at sunset, which is actually composed of a background and multiple layers of watercolor paper shaped like buildings. Here’s how I did this:

  • I cut a piece of watercolor paper into pieces – 1/3 for the painting background and 2/3 for the layers of buildings.
  • Next, I painted the background using orange red and orange yellow gouache.
  • After that, I cut out the layers of buildings, starting with the shortest buildings and moving to the taller buildings on the back layer.
  • Then, I painted the layers using black and grey paints. The first layer is all black and the last layer is mostly grey with a teeny bit of black.
  • Next, I used a glue stick and glued all the layers on, with the tallest grey layer on the bottom.
  • Finally, I used a white Uni-ball Signo pen to make the little windows.