Day 30: Grandpa

Grandpa Drawing

Grandpa Dad Drawing

Grandpa Illustration

Original Grandpa Drawing

A while back, my nephew drew this great little picture of my Dad, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Today, I decided to scan that image in and add color to it using Photoshop, something I had never done before. After I colored it in, I spent a few minutes playing with a few of the Photoshop filters, and found that I really liked the water paper filter for this piece.

Above are three versions of my (or should I say “our”) illustration, two using the water paper filter and one without it, as well as the drawing my nephew made.  They’re obviously pretty similar, but I think I like the first one the best (not including the amazing pencil drawing, of course).

Just in case I print this out for certain family members, can you answer the poll below and help me pick the best out of the ones I created?

Finally, thanks, Button, for making a great drawing of Grandpa!