Day 171: Club Soda

I’ve tapped into something amazing at my office. Through numerous and very important discussions, I’ve discovered that many of my co-workers love club soda as much as I do. Unfortunately right now, the pop machine at my office doesn’t offer it, but not for long!

On Tuesday, I got permission from our office manager to add club soda to the machine (yipee!), so I created a survey and sent it out to the people on my floor in order to figure out which of the eight sodas currently in the machine we should get rid of. I asked them how many cans of each type of soda they drink each week, as well as how many cans of club soda they would drink if we had it.

The results confirm my belief that club soda is the most amazing drink ever: club soda is set to be the most popular drink by far!

In honor of this, I drew a picture of a cute can of club soda.

In case you’re interested, Pibb Xtra lost.


Day 30: Grandpa

Grandpa Drawing

Grandpa Dad Drawing

Grandpa Illustration

Original Grandpa Drawing

A while back, my nephew drew this great little picture of my Dad, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Today, I decided to scan that image in and add color to it using Photoshop, something I had never done before. After I colored it in, I spent a few minutes playing with a few of the Photoshop filters, and found that I really liked the water paper filter for this piece.

Above are three versions of my (or should I say “our”) illustration, two using the water paper filter and one without it, as well as the drawing my nephew made.  They’re obviously pretty similar, but I think I like the first one the best (not including the amazing pencil drawing, of course).

Just in case I print this out for certain family members, can you answer the poll below and help me pick the best out of the ones I created?

Finally, thanks, Button, for making a great drawing of Grandpa!