Day 305: Pumpkin Head Bird Trainer

Pumpkin Head

Tonight, I made this rather random pumpkin head bird trainer guy. This piece came about as I was looking through a free booklet of photography I got at one of the museums in Barcelona. There was a picture of a bird trainer in it, which I thought was already kind of weird. I decided it would be fun to make it weirder.

Day 304: Heartless Monster

Heartless Monster

I am so excited. I entered this scary doodle, entitled Heartless Monster, in a doodling contest on the website Doodlers Anonymous and voting is now taking place to pick the winning drawing. Please, please, please help me win by visiting the contest page here and voting for my doodle. To do this, scroll down to my drawing and hit “fav” to vote. Note that you will have to create an account to vote. Thanks!