Day 36: Plush Heart

Pink plush heart

Today, I made a plush heart for my 3-year-old niece, which I plan to give to her for Valentine’s Day. A while back, entirely inspired by Shawinmals, I made everyone in my family a stuffed “Jeanne-imal.” Since my niece wasn’t born yet, I hadn’t made one for her. Until now! Yay!

Related to the actual making of the stuffed heart, I’m a sewing newbie, which made the project rather problematic, mostly because I couldn’t get my grandmother’s sewing machine (which I now own) to work. I later found out that it was because I was forgetting to put down the pressure foot. Oops. I wish I would have realized that instead of spending about two hours playing with the thing and reading through the manual to try to get it to work. I guess this means that next time I try to use it, I won’t have any problems because I really know everything about it now. Fingers crossed.

Day 34: Robot

Robot with Heart on His Chest

Tonight, I drew a robot. I like him. Related questions: Why are robots such a popular subject for doodles these days? Is it because people who are 30-something right now grew up with Robotman? Is it simply because this type of robot is imaginary so you can make your robot drawings look however you want? Is it because they lack emotion so we get to assign our own feelings to them?  I just don’t know.

Note: I finished writing this and then looked up the Robotman link and discovered that Robotman has a heart on his chest! I had no idea that is where I was actually getting that from. Weird.

Day 33: Heart

Red heart on blue background

Just made a little doodle tonight. Actually, I shouldn’t say that it’s little. When I was thinking about making this, I figured it would only take me about half an hour, but it ended up taking about an hour and 15 minutes because of all the little circles. That’s a problem I have right now, actually. I keep underestimating how long everything will take to make. I need to start doubling whatever my original estimate is. If I think it’s gonna take one hour, it’s gonna take two, and if I think it’s gonna take two hours, it’s gonna take four. Hmpf.

Day 10: Heart and Bunting

Heart Doodle in Sketchbook

Bunting Doodle

I’m pretty tired tonight because there was big commotion last night when my boyfriend broke a water glass in the kitchen at about 4am. Therefore, I decided to just doodle the first things came to me with my new sharpie markers, which was pretty fun. It was cool to experiment with using thin marker lines to create fields of color. Yay for sharpies!