Day 48: Wearing Glasses

Wearing Glasses Drinking Coffee

I’m getting Lasik this morning, so this is the last picture of me wearing glasses. I always thought it was funny when they got steamed up from coffee or from coming into a warm room after being outside…


Day 47: Eyeball

Eyeball Drawing

I’m scheduled to have Lasik tomorrow so I drew an eyeball that also sort of looks like an octopus or maybe even a flower. Anyways, wish me luck on my surgery!

Day 31: Cumberland

Blue and Green Tile

Newspaper Boxes


Today I had an consultation to see if I’m eligible for getting my vision corrected with LASIK. Since I had to get my eyes dilated, I wasn’t able to do anything too fancy for the Making Made project. I just snapped a few photos at the Cumberland Blue Line El stop and then added lots of contrast and saturation.

Since I’m done with my post for tonight already, maybe I can spend the rest of the night deciding whether to get my eyeballs lasered.