Day 360: Christmas Day

NieceWe always spend Christmas day at my parents. Around 11 a.m., my sister and her family shows up, and we all get to open presents together. Wahoo! Lately, we’ve developed the tradition of going in age order, with the youngest starting first. My poor mother always has to go last!

RockyMy parents’ dogs were both remarkably good about these ridiculous hats. They kept them on for quite a while!

Big NephewSmokey JonesSmokey Jones was not nearly excited about opening presents as I was. SistersMy oldest sister couldn’t be at Christmas this year so she Skyped in for opening presents. It was fun to have her there “via satellite,” as I kept saying. It was also hilarious because she kept changing into various hats while she was Skyping with us. At one point, she was wearing a sombrero. Hehe!

Niece 2Brother and Aspen

Day 201: Homemade Pickles with Reused Pickle Juice

Pickles with Reused Pickle Juice

How is it possible that I’ve lived this long without realizing that I could reuse pickle juice to make new pickles? How?

A few days ago, I finished a GIANT 64 ounce jar of pickles (thanks, Woodman’s!) and I had all this leftover pickle juice that I didn’t want to throw out so much so that I just left the jar in my refrigerator. Kinda weird, but whatever. Then, this afternoon I saw that they were selling some lovely pickling cucumbers for 99 cents a pound at the farmers’ market in downtown Chicago, and I was struck with the idea to re-use my pickle juice to make NEW pickles. I bought a bunch of baby cucumbers and got excited!

At home, here’s the recipe I made up for myself:

  1. Cut pickling cucumbers into strips and put them into a ball jar
  2. Boil old pickle juice
  3. Pour pickle juice over cucumbers in the ball jar
  4. Add a few fresh cloves of garlic for flavor and additional vinegar if necessary to cover the pickles
  5. Let sit until cool and then refrigerate for 24 hours or until the pickle juice has permeated the cucumbers.

Like most refrigerator pickles, I expect these to keep up to two or three weeks max, although in this apartment, I suspect they’ll last about two days.

UPDATE 6/23/12: These pickles are delicious! Can’t stop eating them!

Day 195: Man and Bug

Man and BugOn Friday, I made this little man staring at a bug. I should explain that the inspiration for his face actually came from some fuzzies I saw on the ground in my apartment. There was a circle and then just two little dots in the bottom of the circle. Looked like a contemplative man to me.

p.s. I think this means we need to clean. Hehe.

Day 194: Blog Makeover


Today was a big day for the Making Made blog—maybe I should even call it historic.  What happened today, you ask? My blog got a big makeover, which involved choosing a new theme and making this header.

Now the blog has a cleaner and more designed feel, which I’m hoping will really complement my artwork and photography.

I’m so excited about the new look!

Day 191: Winding Street

Winding Street

On Monday, I made a drawing of a winding street in France. The sketch is actually on the first page of a rather big sketch book that happens to be too big to actually scan on my scanner. That complicates things because I’ll need to take pictures of the things I do in this book. Kind of annoying.