Day 146: Bubbles

BubblesOn Friday, it was the last day of work with my co-worker of six years and my good friend’s brothers were in town. That meant happy hour after work, tacos at my beloved Taqueria Moran, and then a bit of a party back at my place. While everyone was over, I drew this simple doodle of overlapping circles. Kinda looks like bubbles.


Day 145: Lines and Shapes

Lines and ShapesThursday night was laundromat night so I brought my sketchbook and markers with while my laundry spun around in the dryer. It reminds me a bit of  the black and white pieces by Piet Mondrian, although less symmetric or parallel.

Day 122: Laundromat


Last night, I went to the laundromat to do about 1,000 loads of laundry. While I was there, I do a quick sketch of one of the rows of machines. These two dudes were sitting in front of me blocking my view of the row, so for the most part this is made up and not drawn from sight.