Looking Forward, Looking Back

Now that my 365 project is done, it’s time to look forward to what’s next. This year, instead of doing a project every single day, I plan to do a more elaborate project every single week. I suppose that will make it a 52 project. I won’t be doing blog posts every single day, but I plan to post about my creative process, project planning, artists that inspire me, and, of course, my own projects.

I’m also welcoming people to submit their own creative works. If you’re interested in being featured, you can learn how to submit you project here.

Of course, it’s also fun to look back. In the last year, I’ve done 366 different projects. Some have been good, some have been great, and some have been, well, just okay.

Below you’ll find my favorite 10 projects from 2012.

1. I really enjoy making collages and this one, Deer Chicago, was really one of my first attempts. Love the results.

2. This is a drawing of the El stop near my house. It’s called California El Stop.

3. One of my favorite projects this year was my video of everything I’ve done this year. Kinda meta.

4. I really enjoyed doing my photography posts. This one, Day in Wisconsin, was definitely a favorite.

5. I did many cooking posts, including this one about Black Bean Soup. It was a huuuuge batch of soup and turned out quite tasty.

6. My neighbor has a rather nice and rather goofy-looking dog. It inspired me to draw this Boston Terrier.

7. Around halloween, I got inspired to draw many creepy characters such as this Cosby Skeleton.

8. During 2012, I made my first ever animation in the form of a Flip Book. It was very fun to do.


9. Even though I don’t have any real sound equipment, I recorded a few of the songs I wrote last year. Here’s one called Goodbye Summer.


10. Last but not least is my collage of Rose Byrne. It doesn’t really look like her, but I think it turned out pretty cool.


Day 311: Goodbye Summer

Last night, I worked on recording a song I wrote called “Goodbye Summer.” I originally posted about this same song back onĀ day 239 when I first wrote the lyrics, but I’ve taken my time actually setting the words to music.

By the way, when I first wrote the lyrics, I was planning to call the song “Seasons Change,” but I decided to switch to the new name because I prefer song titles that come from the words of the chorus.

I’m curious which song name you prefer. Do you like Goodbye Summer or Seasons Change?

Day 239: Seasons Change

Last Sunday, I set out to write the lyrics to a song without writing the music at the same time, something I don’t usually do. This is what I came up with. In the near future, I’ll set it to music and post a recording.

Seasons Change
The fall comes in soft and slow
and although I try to ignore it
The days get cool and the nights get cold
how summer wanes much too quick

Our suntanned skin will quickly fade
and the sand will fall from our feet
and we’ll all run out of lemonade
as we move inside to find a seat

Oh goodbye summer, I’ll miss you
Oh goodbye summer, come back soon
Oh goodbye summer, Oh I’m a fool
I’m a fool for you

So we all pull out our hats and scarves
and we light up the fires and we buckle down
We put on our coats and cover our arms
It’ll be six months now til we get out

The seasons change and they harden you up
You’re just digging yourself out of snow and muck
This is what life in Chicago means
you’re freezing your ass two days out of three

Oh goodbye summer, I’ll miss you
Oh goodbye summer, come back soon
Oh goodbye summer, Oh I’m a fool
I’m a fool for you

Day 205: Alexis Krauss

Alexis Krauss Drawing

Sleigh Bells Spin CoverA while back I had a free subscription to Spin magazine, and I got an issue with a picture of Alexis Krauss from Sleigh Bells on the cover that I really liked. I saved the magazine so that I could draw her at some point, which I did last night.

It doesn’t look too much like her because I did it in less than 15 minutes and didn’t try too hard to measure out her face mentally, I guess because I wanted it to be more fluid. I think it worked out.