Day 123: Neighborhood at Night

House and Telephone Wires

One Way Sign

Open Sign Off

Fire Hydrant

Street Cleaning Sign

Last night, Jim and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood during which I stopped every 3 seconds to take a picture. Must have been kind of annoying for him, but he tolerated it. (Thanks Jim!)


Day 35: Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Doodle

My doodle today was inspired by the chocolate hazelnut torte I had at the French bakery in the Logan Square this afternoon.  It had a pie-like crust that was layered with a roasted hazelnut butter and chocolate ganache. It was amazing. If only the bakery was equally amazing. When I asked for a cup of coffee today they told me, “we’re not allowed to serve coffee.” What does that mean? On a previous trip there, I tried to order a croissant and they told me that you could only order the croissants by the dozen, which is pretty ridiulous since they’re $4.00 each. Who wants to spend $48.00 on a dozen croissants?

Annnnnyways, before I sign off, I wanted to share a link to a very cute song called “Sweet Tooth” by Alexis Harte. I hope you enjoy it!